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Sterkspruit Christian Private School

Sterkspruit Christian Private School is an educational institution offering high-quality education to learners so that they can reach their full academic potential. The school comprises of a Pre-Primary, Primary (Grade 0 to Grade 6) and High school (Grade 7 to Grade 12).

The school focuses on providing opportunities to students so that they can become well-rounded, accountable individuals that will thrive and succeed in the future.

About Us

Sterkspruit Christian Private School is not just another school in the Eastern Cape. It has become a rock to the community and a place of safety for children.


Our flexible and personalized approach to learning helps cultivate learner’s strengths, while addressing their challenges, and building respect and responsibility for one’s self and others.

The School in the hills

Sterkspruit is in a forgotten, mountainous corner of the Eastern Cape. This is where Chris and Anna-Marie Oosthuysen started Sterkspruit Christian Private School more than 20 years ago. Their goal was simple: To uplift children and prepare them for the future

Code of Honour

The foundation on which the school rules are based is respect and good manners.
In Luke 6:31 it is summed up as follows:
Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

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